An Android store for Africa

To circumvent the problem of the weak banking of the populations, we are developing a store adapted to the African mobile payment systems.

New universes

We create unique games based on the myths, legends and oral traditions. To strengthen immersion, we work with ethnologists and historians in Africa and France.

A new Gaming market

We are investing in the video game market in Africa, to develop this sector by training video game creators, and by co-producing with local people.
Kissoro Tribal Game

A success story

At the release, the game was very well adopted by players, journalists, and even non-players. It was our first success story. The game was downloaded by 13 000 persons in just 2 months in more than 20 countries in the world.
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Discover the best african board game and the story of Elikya.

Kissoro Tribal Game, the first game of the studio has been a worldwide success. More than 250 articles in national and international media, reports on many TV channels, more than 6,000 downloads in 3 weeks, etc. The developer Teddy Kossoro, fresh out of University, enters the Forbes ranking of young people under 30 who are building the new Africa. A network of African and European partners are developing around the vision of the project to build this bridge between Africa and the world.
Our innovation

Key features of our store

Unique entry point

The store is design to be the entry point for people targetting Africa.

Mobile money first

Thanks to Intouch, we support main mobile money systems used in the continent.

Cultural content first

The store is designed to support bd, apps and games.

Super Performance

The store is created to be used even with a very low internet connectivity.

Worldwide Partnership

We have a partnership with game developers and comics in Africa and France to have unique content in the store.

Mobile money for everything

We create the first service allowing users to buy with there mobile money in another country
Trusted Partners

We are supported and trusted by companies and organizations

Because we are working to develop the African mobile gaming market, to innovate by creating games based on African histories, we are trusted and helped by many companies, organizations, associations all over the world.