We change world with video games.

Masseka Game Studio is the first video game company based in Europe and dedicated to African Universes.

New universes

We create unique games based on the myths, legends and oral traditions. To strengthen immersion, we work with ethnologists and historians in Africa and France.

A new Gaming market

We are investing in the video game market in Africa, to develop this sector by training video game creators, and by co-producing with local people.

A store for Africa

To circumvent the problem of the weak banking of the populations, we are developing a store adapted to the African mobile payment systems.

A worldwide success :
Kissoro Tribal Game

Kissoro Tribal Game, the first game of the studio has been a worldwide success. More than 250 articles in national and international media, reports on many TV channels, more than 6,000 downloads in 3 weeks, etc. The developer Teddy Kossoro, fresh out of University, enters the Forbes ranking of young people under 30 who are building the new Africa. A network of African and European partners are developing around the vision of the project to build this bridge between Africa and the world.

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Our strategy

Our goal is to become the gateway to the African continent in the video game industry. That's why our strategy involves several important institutions.

New universes

We create unique games with new worlds to make the whole world dream.

National support

We work with ethnologists of the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), which gives a scientific dimension to our work.

Worldwide impact

Our games are used in different countries in the world, in different situations (School, companies, etc...), to create links between people.

International networks

Partnerships and co-production with African studios allow us to develop a strong knowledge of different African markets.

African mobile market

We are developing a store dedicated to Africa that relies on mobile solutions for telephone companies (Mpesa, Orange, Mtn).

Supported by many institutions

The company is supported by many institutions in the world. Some of our projects are funded by the the Region Occitanie for example.

Some concepts art

The concept art of our games, and part of the graphics is done in Cameroon and Senegal. This allows us to rely on teams that master the African universes and bring an important value.

Ongoing project

Today the studio works on three main projects and several secondary research and development projects.

First coproduction

    This game, the first co-production of the studio to the international, was carried out as part of the cultural center of meetings between our studio and the association CCI Senghor. The game highlights a young man, his sister and their zebu who have to go and save the tales that disappear. The game puts talks about issues of ecology, sustainable development, etc.

The Adventures of Inspector Guimonwara

    The Adventures of Inspector Guimonwara is an adventure game mixing, adventure, fiction, history and oral traditions. The player embodies an alcoholic inspector who finds himself in the past to solve the mystery surrounding the death of Sonni Ali Ber, the emperor of the Songhai Empire.

African store

    The studio is now accelerating the creation of an application store dedicated to African payment systems. This awning will strengthen the activities of the studio on the African continent and make it an entrypoint of anyone who wants to deploy its application in Africa.

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Discover the best african board game and the story of Elikya.

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